How to Start a Rebellion

Charlie Waterhouse's recipe for
Extinction Rebellion


D LocksSuper GlueHand SignalsSwearing


Find an affinity group of tight people you can spend time with. Build trust and plan with this group. Create and consult a toolkit of shared organizational knowledge. This allows anyone to create a rebellion with aligned tactics, strategy, and values. Be ambitious. Promote expansive calls to action. Inspire people and do not limit yourself to incremental reform. Appreciate that some people know how to do shit that you don't. Create roles accordingly. This includes an Actions Team, Art Blockers, Time Keepers, Legal Observers, and individuals with specialized skills like climbing buildings. Create spectacle. Bring flags, badges, stickers, and placards. Bring cakes and play music to disarm pissed off people. If blocking a road, make sure the banner is long enough to block the full width of the road. The best protests are simple enough to be replicated anywhere.