How to Buy A Venue

Ikävä Pii and Excel DJ's recipe for


1 manifesto1 Discord server (many channels)600 membersWorkshops (q.s.)35 methods of curation12 teams (no hierarchies)more time than you can offerlove and solidarity


1) Start a Discord 2) Welcome everyone 3) Get people to shout at you 4) feel guilty, don't make any decisions 5) update people weekly 6) create channels noone will check 7) community calls bc too many messages 8) propose to throw a party 9) get people to shout you because you dont have a perfect system in place to throw a party 10) feel guilty, no party 11) Works of Intent asks you difficult questions 12) radio show? 13) post it notes. 14) let people shamelessly plug their music without contributing 15) risk burnout to organise workshops 16) stop updating people weekly 17) complicated voting systems (9 voters) 18) get invited to stuff bc your IG looks cool 19) make a legacy bank account (hello decentralisation) 20) be featured on a confusing RA article 21) organise a 12 hours event and say yes to everything 22) start a band 23) develop a pretty sick membership system and keep postponing the launch bc too busy doing other stuff 24) make a zine 25) make a recipe the venue?