How to Make Chess Sexy

Corrine Ciani's recipe for
Club Chess


Chess Sets DJs Hosts Candlelight Dress Prompt Liquor Luck


Curate the evening by selecting a few DJs and hosts that may or may not know each other. Curating a playlist also works as a music option, and you get extra points if the sounds perform well by candlelight. Find a bar, or club, or space that will allow you to throw a party where you have full control of the music, ambiance, attendees, and most importantly, the option to play chess until late. Design a flyer and get RSVPs going. Come up with a dress prompt—not code—aligned with your desired aesthetics that will complement the space and music selections. Let your guests indulge in their interpretation of the prompt. Invite people from all walks of life and encourage BYOB (bring your own board), specifying that the second B in BYOB does not stand for bottle. The day of the event, get all chess sets into position, get your lists in order, light candles, press play, and keep turning the lights down lower and lower as the night progresses. Now that you’ve made chess sexy, I highly encourage you to order a martini, enjoy the music, and flirt with a game or two. Meet people, have conversations, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember, it was never about chess anyway.