How to Cook Stone Soup

Hyunsuh Kim's recipe for


StonePotFriends and neighbors


1. Invite every soup lover you know to bring one edible thing to your house. It could be a jar of beans that has been languishing in back of their pantry; it could be a bouquet of coriander; it could be bread. If you want to be even more experimental, refrain from telling others that you will be making soup at your own risk (chocolate dumpling soup? Mmmm). But do make sure no one brings anything that someone in the group is allergic to. 2. Start boiling a stone in a large pot of water. 3. As guests arrive, ask them to prepare their ingredient of choice in a method of their choice (i.e. do they want to dice up the onion? Or add them in slices? Do they prefer to sauté them before adding them to water?) 4. Once the first ingredient goes in, lower the temperature so that the water simmers genetly as more guests arrive. 5. Distribute the soup for everyone. Before eating, ask everyone to introduce themselves and their ingredient. Why did they get this particular ingredient? How and where did they get it? What is a story of this ingredient that they would like to share? You can start. What's the story of this stone? 6. Relish the soup. Bon appetit!