How to Present A Product Demo

Kiru Mehari 's recipe for
Public Assembly


Shared affinity Figma as a toolboxOpen-source ethos 3-5 peers


1. Identify an overlooked opportunity in your field where you can contribute value. You are the dot connector. You can make this idea come to life. 1. Conduct thorough research. Define an objective and determine the target audience for whom you are building this. 2. Share your ideas publicly and combine different concepts until you have something tangible to discuss with others. At this stage, it doesn't need to be a fully-fledged product. However, you should be able to talk about it with a stranger who can grasp the basic idea of the project. 3. Assemble your squad. Schedule calls with peers whose opinions you respect to discuss your ongoing work (bi-weekly or monthly). Absorb as much feedback as possible. Open dialogue means listening to perspectives that you may not have considered before. 4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied with the result. ~~create what's missing~~