How to Start a 77 Person Band

Matthew Chaim's recipe for
Songcamp CHAOS


45 Musicians9 Visual Artists7 Operatives6 Developers5 Radio Producers3 Economists2 Scribes


Bring 45 musicians together on the internet. Organize into 3 “Houses”, consisting each of 15 musicians. Every two weeks, assemble 15 new bands of 3 members. Each band should consist of 1 producer, 1 singer, and 1 “flex”. Finish one song every two weeks, then shuffle every band within their respective House. Repeat for six weeks. Create weekly meetings on Discord, alternating between between listening sessions of demos and final songs. Encourage continuity through lore and by creating an internal story line around a mythical figure. Ex: Eros the Goddess of Discord. After six weeks, create an online listening event and showcase. Sell songs onchain in random packs of four. Make them free to listen to. Using Coordinape, allow members to vote on how payments get automatically split and distributed. Next, meet in person and play a show together.