How to Find And Participate In Online Communities

Linda Vinod's recipe


curatorssomething to contributewillingness to be present and help others


This is for anyone who doesn't live in an area with high density of serendipity. Relying on social media to find your people by building in public can be exhausting. Relying on communities with a large number of people who mostly use it as a space for self-promotion instead of practicing communal care can also be exhausting. Go through metalabel's public record or identify a curator on or ā€” someone who deeply thinks about topics you're interested in. Are there any cozy and delightful communities or digital spaces they seem to be a proud member of? Visit their website, community (discord, hyperlink academy, slack, circle, etc.), or social media profile. Evaluate based on the following considerations: šŸ“ What do you think about their shared purpose? Is there something that excites you about it? šŸ“ If they invite you to a communal dinner, what are you most likely to bring? Think of something you can contribute that might pique their interest šŸ“ What topics are their members exploring right now? How do they align with the rabbit holes you find yourself immersed in these days? šŸ“ Is there anything the community or digital space can do for you to allow you to make time and space to contribute meaningfully? Go to their digital front door and show up regularly for the first few weeks to see if it's somewhere you see yourself belonging. Schedule a check in with yourself for 3 months from now. Has being a part of the community improved your life by helping make new friends, collaborate on projects, or find work opportunities? If so, you might've just taken a step towards escaping the need to commodify every part of your existence by producing content or performing online.