How to Get To Know Your Neighbours

Erin Kean's recipe




Sometimes it can feel hard to get to know your neighbours, but it is a small thing we can do to help build our local communities and make them more resilient, whether we are there for a long time or just a little while: - turn off the tv or computer; leave the house - look up when you are walking - greet people and stop to chat - sit on your stoop or porch - plant flowers and garden together - fix it, even if you didn't break it - talk to the mail carrier - put up a swing - hire young people for odd jobs - take children to the park - support neighbourhood schools - use your library - buy from local merchants - open your shades - organize a block party - turn *up* the music - turn *down* the music - have pot lucks - host a games night - join a neighbourhood association - look after neighbourhood kids - bake extra and share - start a tradition - ask a question - ask for help - offer to help