How to Run a Co-op Music Label

Gary-Martin Morgan's recipe for
Third Nature


Up to 12 Music-MakersTime2 SpreadsheetsMultisig Wallet


Invite music-maker friends and/or strangers to support each other to release new music projects. New artists aren’t ‘signed’, they become artist-members. Start small and stay small. Help others realise their creative projects by investing time and offering skills and experience. Keep a shared spreadsheet that lists each member’s skills they can offer: writing, performing, producing, mixing, designing, marketing, etc. Utilise a time-bank to document time committed to you, and time you can offer to others. Meet regularly IRL or URL for shared listening and to strengthen member bonds. Release songs on platforms that promote equity for artists, like Resonate and Nina. Dedicate a percentage of project revenue to a label fund using a multisig wallet. Crucially, artist-members then collectively decide how the label share is spent. Measure success outside of a financial lens and focus on what is important to the community.