How to Start a Community Events Program

Greg Bresnitz's recipe for
FWB Events Program


1 Shared Interest10 FriendsGood MusicA Place To Go


In order to create a global and decentralized events program for an online community, first create a shared reality. Create documents including: Core Values, Standard Operating Procedures, and a Pattern Language. Start with trusting your community and that they have good taste. Allow community members to propose event ideas through an online form. Create an events committee to review submissions.. Make it the committee's goal to say yes often and fast. Create events with different budgets. One small. One large. Avoid unsustainable centralised decision making. Keep events simple. Every event should have good people, good music, good location, and good food (when applicable). Embrace controlled chaos. Document everything. End events 5 minutes before people get bored. Finish with conviction that your community will be good stewards of the brand. Course correct as needed.