How to Build an Online Community

Joshua Citarella's recipe for
Do Not Research


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Create a syllabus for a college class and post it online. Share it as a rigorous, curated, in depth set of recommendations for others to follow.  Create online media channels to discuss related source material: a weekly Twitch stream, a podcast, and a Patreon. Create a Discord as a space for subscribers to chat and then organize projects in a private space. Encourage members to organize reading groups within the discord to go through every week of the syllabus. When members generate work from the recommended readings, publish the work on a blog in semester-like increments. This can include essays, videos, or artwork. Publish a new syllabus every semester. Once someone contributes to the blog, provide an honorarium payment (covering membership costs for one semester), a complimentary lifetime membership, and a contributor tag in Discord to gain access to private channels. Each year, publish a physical book of the contributions.